Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates

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Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates

Finally, there are a couple of curious points about life insurance companies' procedures that are worth explaining. Women are often puzzled, and in these liberated days sometimes annoyed, at being required to produce their marriage certificate as well as their birth certificate when taking out a life insurance policy.

The reason is not moral but purely practical. The life office has to be sure that the present Mrs Jones really was the Miss Smith she says she was (and to whom the birth certificate refers) in order for date of birth and identity to be certain. If these facts are not definitely established, the policy might later be disputed. If these documents are not requested by the company at the outset, they certainly will be if a claim is made.

Nowadays some life insurance companies will accept photocopies of marriage and birth certificates as sufficient evidence and the originals do not have to be sent to them. They will not, however, accept a photocopy of a death certificate when a claim is made. The reason, it is said, is that one company's actuary once recommended a change in procedure to allow death certificate photocopies to be allowed; the next day he came into his office to find on his desk a photocopy of his own death certificate- his colleagues had found it only too easy to produce a highly convincing forgery.

Obviously companies wish to minimise the possibility of fraud, and so death certificate originals must be produced when a claim is made.

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